Too Big For Twinks #08

Too Big For Twinks #08 Dvd Cover
Updated on 11-24-2016
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Series Too Big For Twinks

Categories : Anal, Big Cock, Cumshot/cum, Euro, HD, Muscular Guys, Oral/ Blowjob, Safe Sex, Twinks

Starring Angel Dee, Angelo Godshack, Chris Hollander, Diego, Enzo Bloom, Georgio Black, Justin Conway, Matt Johnson, Richy Silverado, Timoti

While Ennio is giving Justin a guitar lesson he realizes that Justin is really bad at it. Justin gives up for the day, so Ennio gives him something else that he can play. Diego is outside reading a magazine when Enzo walks over with a soccer ball in hand. Enzo asks if he want to play, but there's a catch. If Enzo scores on him then Diego has to suck his monster dick. Richy is taking a nap when Cavin comes in to get a book to read. He then notices that Richy is half naked and packing a huge cock. Richy awakens to Cavin mouth open gazing at his junk. While Dee is chopping wood for his fire place Matt walks up to the fence to ask him something. Matt gives up trying to talk to him and heads back into the house. Dee walks in with fire wood and notices Matt touching himself. Timoti's having problems with his heater, so he gets a handyman to come and fix it. Georgio is lying on his back fixing the heater when Timoti comments on the big tool between Georgio's legs. To Timoti's shock it's not a tool, it's a massive cock!